New Furniture Shop Ombak Opens In Altrincham

Ombak - Altrincham

New Shop Opening Ombak – Moss Lane Altrincham.

There is a new shop on the block with Ombak furniture opening in the town centre on Moss Lane next to Velo Expresso – we caught up with local James Tatham who launched the venture two weeks ago.

‘The angle is that the wood is all reclaimed – it’s a real unique selling point’

The shop sells ranges of eco-friendly teak furniture including beds, modern sideboards, bedside chests and desks imported from an ethical source in Indonesia.

James, who’s big hobby is surfing spent four years travelling which included a year in Indonesia where he visited a village called Kudus near Yogyakarta on the island of Java. During that visit he came across a workshop that was making furniture from reclaimed teak.

James – ‘I was born in Sale and I have lived in Hale and Altrincham for most of my life – I have just moved back into a flat in Hale’ – ‘While I was away I went to a little furniture exhibition in Jakarta before visiting the Kudus and saw this stuff, It’s all recycled and very individual – I did some research and decided to bring a container over – I paid the money and came back to England having decided on a range of furniture to buy’

Ombak Altrincham Inside Shot

‘The angle is that the wood is all reclaimed – it’s a real unique selling point, it’s also environmentally friendly. Teak was used for everything, bridges, buildings, harbours – now it’s all bricks and mortar – so everything was being knocked down. The workshop started re-using the material which was just lying around. The wood comes in a complete state and they rework it and sand it all down – the furniture is totally unique with joins and features from the old building process. The wood is very old and seasoned so doesn’t crack so it’s really great to work with’

Ombak - James Tatham

James has been selling online for four years on his own website but also on Ebay and Etsy but the focus now is on developing the retail side of his business. He had help from Altrincham Forward with a £4500 loan to help develop the shop. ‘It’s a great scheme and it has really helped’ he told us. He designed the lights and did a lot of the internal decoration himself getting experts in as he needed them.

The business takes developments from the work shop but also commissions its own designs, keeping them modern and contemporary – It recently accepted and delivered an order from an eco-hotel in Northern Portugal sending over 45 coffee tables!

James -‘I wanted a distinct name and Ombak means ‘wave’ in Indonesian – I needed a name like IKEA, kind of funky and Ombak kind of stuck. Its kind of appropriate with my love of surfing!’

‘I’m a local lad and I just wanted to take a flyer and open a shop – the furniture is all hand made with no veneers and because of it’s history every piece is different’

The shop is light and airy with a really welcoming feel – twin planters either side as you walk in and a little teak bench on the pavement at the front.

We love the fact that Altrincham is attracting young entrepreneurs like James (33) who are prepared to take the risk and expand the town’s independent shop network. We wish James the very best of luck for the future!



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