Dunham In The Fog – Photos By David Gleave

Dunham In The Fog - David Gleave (7)

David Gleave is a photographer based in Altrincham. The majority of his subject matter is documenting people either as portraits or simply candidly recording humans going about their daily routines.

He is not particularly interested in landscapes, that is until fog descends on his hometown, when he grabs his camera and heads for Dunham Massey.

These stunning images were all made in fog at Dunham. As David says:

“fog has the ability to transform what is normally an uninspiring landscape into an ethereal, almost celestial wonderland”

All of these images are available as prints or mounted in frames at various sizes.

For more information please contact via the website www.davidgleavephoto.com

Note: These images are Copyright 2019© David Gleave.


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