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Smart Parking Altrincham

As you know we ran a story about Smart Parking sending out multiple invoices (They call them PCNs) to visitors to Goose Green car park in Altrincham. The invoices were sent regardless of whether the users had purchased a ticket from one of the unfathomable machines or not.

We have now received this response from their communications company Mediazoo (who claimed they didn’t receive our email asking them for an explanation!). You’ll note they don’t provide any apology for this mishap!

The statement comes from a Smart Parking spokesperson;

“Smart Parking are one of the UK’s largest parking operators and we manage the Altrincham Car Park.

At the car park we use a state of the art ANPR system to ensure motorists can always find places to park and that everyone is treated fairly and equally. 

In order to improve the customer journey, in early December we added an extra registration machine to the site at Total Fitness.  However, we subsequently found out that this particular machine wasn’t registered correctly and erroneously issued a number of parking charges.   On discovering the issue, we addressed immediately and the machine is now operating correctly.  In addition, we also identified all motorists incorrectly issued with notices, cancelled them and despatched letter confirming the same.  Further, we will also be issuing reimbursements to relevant motorists.

As proud members of the British Parking Association, Smart Parking strictly follow its guidelines.  As such, we operate a BPA audited appeals process and would encourage anyone to contact us if they feel they have been charged incorrectly.”

We would love to know if any of our readers have received letters and refunds from Smart. Also whether you have received any apology or indeed compensation for the stress and anguish involved, which we feel would be perfectly acceptable to pursue given the circumstances.

Please let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Lenny Brick


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  1. Hi

    I received a letter from Smart Parking the same week as the story was issued. I appealed and today received a letter to say that they have decided to uphold the PCN despite me sending them communication confirming that I took my 2 young children swimming and receive free parking for 2 hours. I put my registration number in the machine (as I always do) and despite them admitting there has been an issue with a parking machine they still say that they cannot find my registration number. This has caused me a lot of stress and upset. I am now thinking of stopping swimming lessons for my 2 young boys (which is a life skill) because of receiving this parking notice. I am writing to them to submit a formal complaint but don’t think I have been fairly treated at all.


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