Getting Featured

Getting Featured on Hale and Altrincham Life

We have a lot of messages from people who would like to get their event or business featured but don’t know how. Here is some great advice and rules to follow.

‘We are not an advertising hoarding’

1. Anyone can post to the Facebook page and your post will be seen. If you look at the lefthand panel below ‘about’ they are there for all to see. If you would like a special feature on the website or a share on Facebook then please follow these rules.

2. If you post up too many times then we regard that as spam and all posts will be deleted. So please be reasonable.

3. We will share well constructed posts on our page which have the potential to reach a wide audience but only if we deem it to be of common interest such as events like the Altrincham Festival. Posts like this must come with a striking and sharable image – 1200×600 is preferable as the whole image will be seen but any size will suffice as they can all be clicked on.

4. We will not usually share niche interest posts such as lost and founds and for profit events.

5. We will share business pages but this is not guranteed and depends on the business.

6. We will not share posts from business directories or social media companies masquerading as community pages and will delete posts from those people.

7. We are not an advertising hoarding so if you want to sell a pair of kids’ worn shoes – please go to Ebay – we will delete posts like these and may ban the perpetrators – no one wants to see posts to page like that!

Slots in low page rank business directories can actually harm your search engine optimisation so we would advise caution before listing with them.


We are a non for profit collective who run this page for the common good. Each of the three admins donate their time for free. If you are thinking of having a pop about grammar, insulting us or just being rude because you are having an off day then please think twice before you do it as we have been known to bite back!

Thanks everyone for reading – we will continue to scour the internet for interesting stories about our area and will curate from news sites depending on the story. We will not always post exactly what you want but we will always do our best to bring you interesting content!

H&A x