Advertise on Hale and Altrincham Life


e like to offer very simple solutions for advertising on Hale and Altrincham Life so please take a look below and see what suits you. Our articles get heavily read as we don’t just publish them, we push them through all of our Social Media channels. This not only adds hits, reads and shares but gravitas, as we are supporting the content that we allow on the site.

Our solutions are:

  1. £100 – One Off:
    Self-written press release with photos. We would also suggest an A4 type ad that we can link back from and push on Social Media. We will add this as a post on our website, alt tag images and produce a professional layout.

  2. £100/Month:
    Hosted ad that will appear between the text on our pages 768×90 or 468×60 leaderboard ads.

  3. £150/Month:
    We will host an image on our home page and all of our sidebars, (300×250) and with your help, write a supporting page that will link to your own website. (See John Hilditch), you will also appear in our advertising directory.

  4. £250 – One Off:
    Feature presentation with photographs which will appear as a permanent post. We will publish your press release which will be linked back from our Social Media Channels. (See Example) and back it up with 3 months of ads on the website. 

Please note: we are not in this for the money or a lavish lifestyle. All of the writers own businesses in the Altrincham area, but what began as a labour of love started costing us money! We just need to cover our costs. Our top stories batter the website so we have to pay for own server.

If you have a genuine charitable event, then don’t hesitate to tell us as all of those are covered for free. If you have any really good news stories, then likewise. We trust that you know what constitutes genuine advertising and so will be more than happy to help us keep our wonderful project alive!

Enquiries: or contact Hale and Altrincham Life