Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Donald Trump To Visit Altrincham – And We Get A Day Off!

Donald Trump To Visit Altrincham
Donald Trump To Visit Altrincham In May – Altrincham To Celebrate With New Holiday – Trump Day! Altrincham has always been a magnet for US superstars. Justin Beiber and David Guest drinking in The Faulkners, Rhianna in Heart and Soul. Now US President Donald Trump is visiting Altrincham on Monday, May 21st, two days after the Royal Wedding! The town council...

New Restaurants & Old Favourites to open in Hale Village? Read on…..

Hale Village at Night
We have some exciting news on the Hale restaurant & bar scene. After what seems like a bleak 6 months for the once thriving Hale Drinking and Dining scene, with many former favourites closing down, we've finally got some exciting news. All stories below are from respected local sources, however, we’ve reached out to various people and organisations for confirmation on...

The Three Alternative Routes from Bucklow Hill To Altrincham

The Swan Bucklow Hill
Most people believed that there would have been a road linking the two locations but now that the roadworks are finished all has become apparent

Dog Dies On The Devisdale After Poisoning – Dog Walkers Beware

We are hearing reports of a dog being poisoned on the Devisdale in Bowdon. This from the Friends of Denzil Gardens page via Susie Bromley: DOG WALKERS BEWARE This was received by The Friends Group today.......... A fellow dog walker has told me today that a dog she walked has died after its owner took it to the Devisdale last week. The...

6 Major Developments That Will Change Our Area Forever

The Timperley Wedge
During the recent backlash against the proposed construction of the Islamic community centre on greenbelt land near Timperley a couple of issues became apparently clear to us:- 1. There are lot of people claiming to be campaigning to save the greenbelt but are harbouring ulterior motives. 2. The general public and population of Hale, Altrincham, Hale Barns, Timperley & Bowdon are...

The Stamford Arms – Plans Approved – Work Starts Tomorrow

Stamford Arms Bowdon - Plans Approved
Lazy summer days sitting out the front on the grass sipping Boddingtons. Marjorie Arnold's clipped accent, John the barman telling us "Ladies and Gentlemen can I have your glasses please?" Fond memories of the Stamford in the 70s and 80s. It's transformation in to a gastropub in the late 90s and early 00s - when they served steak on...

What Would You Like To See In Altrincham?

Altrincham Primark
Now that Nando's is confirmed for Altrincham what would you like to see next? My Altrincham (myaltrincham.org) produced a consultation document in 2015 publishing a number of surveys and questionnaires. These asked people what they wanted to see in Altrincham. Some of the answers are no surprise. Take this discussion session with 246 students in the borough: What would they like...

Full Schedule of Weekend A556 Road Closures

A556 Road Closures
FULL WEEKEND A556 ROAD CLOSURES There will a little bit of chaos over the next few weeks as all the work of the past two years comes to a head on the 6th of March when the new road finally opens. The represents the removal of one of the biggest bottlenecks in the area. It will also be a relief...

Latest Flood Warning Map For The Altrincham Area

Latest Flood Warning Map for Altrincham Area
The Environment Agency have a live interactive map on their website - if you click through this link: Environment Agency Map - Altrincham it will take you to the appropriate page on their site. From there you can click to see the various flood warnings in our area. We believe there is flooding down Sinderland Road - so let's hope...

Fireworks Altrincham Opens It’s Doors To A Family In Distress

Fireworks Altrincham
It's not often that we read about stories of pure altruism these days. Most people are far too busy with their lives to help out in a situation that demands time and compassion. We have been contacted by H&A reader Charmaine Hughes who took her children to the cinema this morning. When the film was over Charmaine decided to take...