Bowie Lightening Bolt For Altrincham

Bowie Lightening Bolt For Altrincham
Bowie Sculpture - Artist's Impression

Altrincham is to get its very own tribute to David Bowie in the form of a 60 foot tall lightening bolt which will sit proudly at the intersection of Shaw’s Road and George Street.

The music legend played at the nearby Stamford Hall in the sixties as part of his two former groups The King Bees and The Lower Third. He could also very occasionally be seen backing Rod Stewart as a backing singer as part of the Steampacket review.

The sculpture which will be made of toughened steel will feature an interactive element too. Former Liberal Councillor Neil Taylor who has helped raise the fund for the sculpture explained.

“When shoppers walk past the statue it will literally sing to them. There will be sensors all around the base and different David Bowie hits will belt out depending on how far the person is from the statue. It could be “Drive In Saturday” on a sunny Saturday, his Pin Ups cover “Friday On My Mind” on a dreary Friday afternoon. Obviously we will skip any songs that have dirty words in them like ‘Time’ and will switch the feature off at 10pm so as not to disturb the neighbours.”

Taylor is a massive Bowie fan as well as running the Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark fan club in the UK and is well accustomed to raising money for installations like this. He successfully put Frank Sidebottom on the map with the Timperley Statue.

The lightening bolt features on the front cover of Aladdin Sane which was one of the superstar’s biggest selling albums of the seventies.

Work will start on the sculpture during June to tie in with The Altrincham Festival which Neil is also organising and it will be officially open on July 1st, the day of the festival itself.

“It’s going to be a busy few months for Altrincham”, said Taylor. We asked him if it was going to be a permanent feature of Altrincham:

“Well the Eiffel tower was only meant to be a temporary structure when it was built in 1887 and look at it! still going strong.”

We know that this wonderful sculpture set at the gateway to the newly revived Stamford Quarter will be a huge success and bring visitors to the borough from far and wide.



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