Facebook Revolutionises Local Business Search With Facebook Services

Facebook New Services

Let Facebook help you find the best professional services in your local area by this amazingly simple to use, free app says Sreedev Sharma at Acodez.

What am I talking about? – well if you need a plumber in Altrincham or an electrician in Hale then you can simply go to www.facebook.com/services and use the page to find the best business in the area based on user’s experiences.

When we give a business stars based on the level of service we have of using them, Facebook compiles the results to rank companies by area. They have now opened up this  infrmation to all of us and by using that page you can type in your village, town or city, (Yes Hale, Altrincham, Bowdon, Timperley etc are all there), enter the profession or service you are looking for and they will come up ranked by who has been voted for as the best by you, the public.

Facebook Services Search Altrincham
Facebook Services Search Page – Altrincham

What better way to find a local buisness with the kind of testimonials you need to assess whether they will be any good or not?!

Clearly the usefulness will increase as more businesses get ranked. We typed in Altrincham – Photographers and Johnny Draper at 7 Oxford Rd Altrincham came up first – pretty cool huh?

Far better than any directory or paid for ad., these buisnesses are there because they are the best and we think that makes this technology a game changer!

We don’t know whether Facebook has plans to promote this new feature or not also whether this and Facebook Places will be launched together.

Places? Yup, go to www.facebook.com/places and type in for example ‘Altrincham’ and see what comes up – once again all the best of the best the town has to offer eg.

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