Six Empty Shop In Hale Village – Speculation Mounts

The Black Rose Emtp Shop

Rather unusually there are now sixe empty shop in Altrincham and that doesn’t include the old Spice Lounge that is still under wraps with the ‘OK we are getting tired of guessing now’ question marks on the boarded up frontage. Its always interesting to speculate but what would YOU like to see take their places?

  • The Raj’ takeaway and what was very, very briefly a letting agency looks like work could be going on behind the screening.’
  • The Black Rose is under offer and rumours suggest a tapas bar. Unconfirmed though.
  • Empty shop next to Pizza Express also looks like work is going on behind the scenes.
  • Transform – Empty & Available. Contact 0162 904 5356 for details
  • Lloyds Bank – Empty & Available. Contact CBRE for details.
  • Once Upon A Time Florist Boutique – Empty & Available – we had heard rumours of the owners of this business doing midnight flits before so no surprise that is now closed down.  Contact Harvey Silver Hodgkinson for details.

If you know anything about what these shops are due to become then please let us know or leave a comment in the space below!



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