Project B, Creating a buzz throughout Altrincham

Paul Hayes (Willow Gardens)

Project B’s Paul Hayes (Willow Gardens)

Willow Gardens, a local gardening business is used to working all day in the delights of the, often unpredictable British weather. With an upturn coming meaning longer nights and warmer weather ahead, the company has launched a new initiative certain to bring colour to everyone’s gardens, whilst also highlighting an underpinning the growing issue in the country’s wildlife. Project B Logo

‘Project B’ sees a specific emphasis placed on the importance that bees have on our wildlife and how a change in the countryside can impact on the billions of bees buzzing across the country. They help to pollinate the fruit and vegetables that are enjoyed at every breakfast, dinner and garden barbeque table throughout the spring and summer.

“Statistics show that we have lost 97% of our flower-rich grassland since the 1930s resulting in many bees and other pollinating insects with little to eat”

Says Paul Hayes, owner of Willow Gardens in Altrincham and leader of Project B.

“To put an end to this problem is a job for Mother Nature herself but everyone can help too with the carefully crafted seed mix that Project B has created. We have selected 15 wildflowers that we know are a perfect source of nutrients for bees and other pollinating insects. It is as simple as picking up a seed mix pack and spreading it in your garden encouraging the wildflowers to grow, which results in helping feed hundreds of bees from your front or back garden.”

Save The Bees

The brand new initiative will see the inaugural stage of the campaign rolled out throughout the Hale and Altrincham area. It will then be rolled out regionally and nationally and is fully supported by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), displaying the leading gardening charity’s Perfect for Pollinators registered trademark. Mr Hayes added:

“Having the support of such a well-known and credible charity like the RHS and being able to display the ‘Perfect For Pollinators’ badge will mean that we can raise this important issue as well as bringing the landscape back to life.”

Flowers that are in bloom up until autumn are right for this initiative and all the seeds that have been selected are on the RHS plant list representing the best wild plants for gardeners to attract pollinating insects. The wildflower seed mix can be picked up from a number of shops throughout the town or online at meaning you too can create a buzz in your garden!

You can buy the special seeds packs at:

Madam Butterfly
Oxe eye daisy (flea market)
Vintage angel
Old field brow post office
Red house farm




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