Tesco To Hit Drivers With £70 Fines – But is it Legal?


In a statement out today Tesco confirmed that it would be hitting drivers who park in disabled and parent and child bays with a £70 fine if they are not disabled or don’t have children.

Staff will be armed with cameras and the fine will be pursued by their agents, Horizon Parking,  who look after the parking arrangements.

Staff at 81 stores in the South of England have been armed with a Smartphone app. to record the evidence.

The scheme will be rolled out to 200 more stores including Altrincham over the coming weeks, so expect it in place by Christmas!

A Tesco spokesman told the Daily Mail: “Many disabled customers rely on our disabled parking bays, so we’ve introduced our self-monitoring initiative to highlight the importance of using the bays properly, making it fairer and easier for everyone to find a space.”

These fines however may not be enforceable depending on who owns the land. Of course Traffic Wardens can enforce a ticket if the offence was committed on a public road but inside a car park?

There is also the problem of mistakes happening – how will you appeal?

Do you think it’s right that Tesco staff will be turned in to an army of mini Traffuc Wardens, armed with the power to fine you? No longer the smiling, gentle souls, but elevated to a position of power, could it not go to some of their heads? ‘Tis a grand, debatable and controversial move for sure!

We detest drivers who flaunt the rules and H&A readers have expressed their anger in no uncertain terms many times in the past. The bigger and more expensive the car, the greater the derision! 😉

That said, according to Moneysavingexpert t you should not pay these fines automatically. They have produced a really useful and comprehensive guide here:


We do not agree with drivers flaunting the rules but we do question whether Tesco staff themselves should be turned in to a army of snoopers with the power to fine you. We think that the company should simply employ a roving warden who should politely remind a potentially offending driver that what he or she is about to do is not correct. Then issue a fine if the rules are broken.

What do you think? We’d love to know!



  1. I stopped at a Sainsbury’s down south & pulled into a parent & child bay. There was an employee standing nearby who politely asked if I had children in the car & when he saw I did, he went away. I saw him stopping several people from parking there simply using this approach. No cameras / fines / heavy handedness needed.


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