Fireworks Altrincham Opens It’s Doors To A Family In Distress

Fireworks Altrincham

It’s not often that we read about stories of pure altruism these days. Most people are far too busy with their lives to help out in a situation that demands time and compassion. We have been contacted by H&A reader Charmaine Hughes who took her children to the cinema this morning.

When the film was over Charmaine decided to take them to the new Fireworks Ice Cream and Desserts Restaurant next door. To the family’s disappointment they hadn’t opened yet! Final touches are being done today for the grand opening tomorrow, the 13th of February.

When the manager saw the children crying outside, he opened the doors and gave them all free Ice Cream! Charmaine:

“I promised I’d take my kids to the new Fireworks restaurant but didn’t realise it didn’t open until tomorrow. My kids had been looking forward to going all week and started crying so the manager opened up and offered them free ice cream to cheer them up. It was really nice of them”

Fireworks Restaurant Hughes Children

What a fabulous story of kindness from the manager of the new business!

“I know you are always looking for positive stories about Altrincham and new businesses”

What a lovely story to receive to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold Sunday in February. Hats off to the manager of Fireworks and best of luck with the opening. With this kind of positive attitude I’m sure it will be a roaring success!

You can find Fireworks on Facebook Here

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