What Would You Like To See In Altrincham?

Altrincham Primark

Now that Nando’s is confirmed for Altrincham what would you like to see next?

My Altrincham (myaltrincham.org) produced a consultation document in 2015 publishing a number of surveys and questionnaires. These asked people what they wanted to see in Altrincham. Some of the answers are no surprise. Take this discussion session with 246 students in the borough: What would they like to see in Altrincham Town Centre:

Primark (41); Top Shop (22); Nando’s (21); McDonalds (21); New Look (19); bigger Starbucks (11); Aldi (7); Foot Asylum (6); Urban Outfitters (4); Afflecks (4); Laserquest (4); HMV (3); Jack Wills (3); Hollister (3);Tacobell (3); Forever 21 (3); Pizza Hut (3); Selfridges (3); Yogberries (3); Superdry (2); Zara (2); Lush (2); Body Shop (2); Miss Selfridge (1); Amazon Branch (1); Forbidden Planet (1); Comic Shop (1); Play Factory (1); Matalan (1); Smyths (1); ToysRus (1); Shisha (1); Superdrug (1); Pizza Express (1); Burgher King (1); Waitrose (1); Disney Store (1); Morrisons (1); Ted Baker (1); Apple Store (1); Pret a Manger (1). There were also 11 references to improving the leisure centre and 11 references to the need for bowling facilities

This is pretty enlightening with twice as many people wanting to see a Primark than a Nando’s! and ironically, as many people wanting to see a McDonalds in Altrincham Town Center as a Nando’s!

Altrincham Town Centre - Consultation StatementOr how about a Top Shop?

Altrincham Top Shop
Altrincham Top Shop?

Where would a new McDonalds go and is it the right choice for Altrincham?

Why don’t you let us know either below or on or Facebook Page?



  1. We definately need more clothes shops in Altrincham. It was such a shame to see new look go, there are minimal clothes shops for teenagers so a Primark, top shop or new look would be fantastic.


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