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A556 Open

We are as excited about the new relief road as anyone else! We took a first drive along it at 9am this morning after it opened at 5am. What had become one of the busiest roads in Europe, the old A556 is now really quiet as the new A556 takes the strain with a direct link from junction 19 right across to Lymm roundabout at Bowdon.

First Drive along the new A556 duel carriageway. from Hale And Altrincham Life on Vimeo.

The old road had grown steadily more busy over the years. In fact Mere corner where the old AA box is situated had the dubious honour of being the most congested road in the UK. In August 1934 when a survey was conducted it carried over 113,000 vehicles in 77 hours! Before improvements were made it was the scene of so many accidents. It was actually known locally as ‘Widows Mile’  because so many lost their lives there. (Source Manchester Oddities – Keith Warrender)

Mere AA Box

The project which started in November 2014 taking nearly two and a half years to complete with a budget of £191.9m was bang on time. It opened 5am this morning the 6th March 2017.

Well done to the highways agencies and all the people involved & thanks!




  1. My letter to he highways re bypass
    Me again
    So it’s open and going to work took off 20 mins journey time, fab, no gridlock on the roundabout at junction 19′ approx 0830
    But as predicted it took me 2 hours to get home from Altrincham to Pickmere leaving at 1730 home 1939
    junction 19 roundabout
    All traffic coming off north and southbound M6 blocking the through route to Northwich
    Complete gridlock yet again, all that has happened is they have moved the traffic jams from a forty year old road to a new bypass and made it worse as the two lanes leaving bypass to get to Northwich and Chester are blocked by traffic exiting junction 19 north bound, complete mess and many many frustrated drivers including me
    Until you put large yellow do not enter boxes to stop the exit routes from the roundabout this will become a complete white elephant
    Sorry buypt you need someone to witness this mess so they can see what I am taking about

    Odema Ltd
    M-07710 441 991


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