The Stamford Arms – Plans Approved – Work Starts Tomorrow

Stamford Arms Bowdon - Plans Approved

Lazy summer days sitting out the front on the grass sipping Boddingtons. Marjorie Arnold’s clipped accent, John the barman telling us “Ladies and Gentlemen can I have your glasses please?” Fond memories of the Stamford in the 70s and 80s. It’s transformation in to a gastropub in the late 90s and early 00s – when they served steak on a hot stone at you table It guaranteed that everyone in the pub smelled like a Brazilian barbecue when they left!

“I can confirm builders start again tomorrow”

Nicholas Theaker

The Stamford Arms in Bowdon is seared into our memories. The haunt of many an Alty Grammar lad, and teacher! The yard of ale over the bar, the fights, the laughs, the five deep at the bar and the wonderful beer.

Of late though it has started to decay – see some of the images below.  The rotunda, the large circular attachment which housed the events area has fallen in to disrepair with some of the woodwork really suffering. Where work had started inside last year, beams and steels are exposed as the original works had taken the walls back to the brick.

Last night however Nicholas Theaker confirmed on the pub’s Facebook page that plans had finally been approved by Trafford Council and that work would re-start on this iconic pub!

The New Pub Will Be Called ‘The Stamford – Kitchen & Tap Co.’

This was posted on the pub’s Facebook page late last night:

“Hello gang, sorry we’ve been away so long but today we bring you some good news. Planning for the redevelopment has now been approved (it only took 14 months) which is super amazing.”

So please watch this space in the coming weeks for further developments and we hope to be welcoming you for a drink very soon.

H&A contacted Nick this morning and he had this to say:

“We will be opening in the near future, that’s all I can confirm at present. More details will follow. I just want to be in a position to give an exact date for opening after all the false dawns of the last 12 months. I can confirm builders start again tomorrow though”

We wrote this on our Facebook back in July: The pub will still be a pub, we will serve pub food. Not the kind of food that comes off the back of a frozen food truck every morning, but also not the kind that you need a second mortgage to enjoy. There will be wood-fired pizza along with good old fashioned British favourites such as corned beef hash and bacon chop, egg and chips.

Stamford Arms Bowdon - SignThe main (old part of the) pub will still accommodate drinkers as well as diners (and well behaved pooches) with tables and standing room available on a first come first serve basis. The old function room (new dining room) will act as more of a specific dining area where you can book a table and enjoy the theatre of our new open kitchen. The same food menu will however run throughout the venue including a lovely seating area out front overlooking the parish.

The plans were held back over the design of a new upstairs terrace but Nick has now resolved the new designs with the council.

We are so pleased that the situation with the council has been resolved and that work will get going again so quickly. We were beginning to worry about the building itself, having been left so long. Many people believed that it would lie empty forever. So nice one Nick! we hope to hear more about your exciting plans for the place in the near future!

Take a look at the new plans here: The Stamford



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