Outrage As Hale Loses It’s Car Parking Spaces

Hale Car Parks

Plans Submitted To Build On Hale Car Park!

Plans have been submitted for the re-development of Brown Street car park in Hale. Novo Group/CPUK propose to build 10 townhouses and 12 shared ownership apartments.

The application suggests that public parking will be reduced from the current 80 pay and display spaces to 66.

Brown Street Car Park
Brown Street Car Park – Hale

However, objectors have raised concerns that the parking figures may be more drastically reduced!

Planning documents submitted show that the 10 houses will be allocated 10 of the 66 public spaces and the Developer is providing no parking for the twelve apartments!

Brown Street Car Park Development
Proposed Brown Street Car Park Development – Bath St View

Denise Laver of Hale Civic Society said:

“This proposal effectively reduces the number of public spaces on Brown Street from 80 to 44” the Developer says the car park is underutilised but as residents of Hale know this has only been the case since the Council increased parking fees.”

Brown Street car park was previously always fully occupied until the recent price hikes.

There is no parking strategy for Hale village and businesses and the vitality of the village has suffered hugely due to parking issues. Businesses have also had to contend with the Altrincham effect where competing businesses have much-reduced business rates.

Some Hale shops have reported footfall drops of up to 30% and many Hale businesses are struggling to stay afloat. The sale of car parks by the Council and reduction in public parking spaces is seen as the nail in the coffin by many!

Cecil Rd Car Park Hale
Cecil Rd Car Park – Hale

In addition to the Brown Street development, Trafford Council proposes to sell the 22 space car park on Cecil Road and plans are in the pipeline to re-develop the Sainsbury’s/ Marks and Spencer car parks.

Cecil Rd M&S Car Park - Hale
Cecil Rd M&S Car Park – Hale

This cumulative effect of what is planned by the Council for all 3 Hale car parks that is of major concern.

These three public assets in Hale are seen as a cash cow by the Council. First there was the sale of the Library, now Brown Street car park, Cecil Road’s 22 spaces with other car parks to follow.

Bridget Garner of the Railway Pub said:

“No thought has been given to the general public and the 8 eating and drinking outlets which are nearby. This messing around with parking charges is killing the village and people need to park to use the village.”

Hale Councillors Patricia Young, Alan Mitchell and Denise Haddad all oppose the development plans.

Patricia Young said:

We were promised that there would be no reduction in car parking at Brown Street, should the car park be re-developed. Indeed the Council tender documents required there to be no reduction in public parking. We have urgently requested the Council to re-think their strategy for the village and liaise with businesses and residents about the future strategy for revitalizing our village.”

Hale and Altrincham Life is appalled that so few people know about the redevelopment of these much needed public car parks. A village with no car parks? A village that is already suffering reduced footfall is being destroyed by council who have simply failed to inform people.

Brown Street Car Park Development3
Brown Street Development – A Grey Box!

So What Can Be Done?

If you wish to register an objection please go to the Trafford Council planning website, enter the application: 95514/FUL/18 and follow the instructions or email cormac.mcgowan@trafford.gov.uk

 Planning application 95514/ful/18 relating to Brown Street Hale.

Points in any objection letter should include the following:

  1. This application will reduce the number of pay and display car park spaces from 80 to 44 at Brown Street.
  2. Also we understand the 22 space Cecil Road car park is to be sold by the Council for development
  3. The combined proposals will lead to a loss of 58 public car parking spaces in Hale
  4. Trafford Council indicated that there would be no loss of car parking on the re-development of the Brown Street car park
  5. Any loss of car parking will result in considerable harm to the vitality and future growth of Hale village
  6. The applicants say that Brown street car park is underused. This has only been the case since the Council introduced parking charges
  7. The Brown street proposal is an application that affects the whole of Hale village and should be widely advertised and consulted upon
  8.  The proposed development represents a wholly inappropriate development adjacent to a Conservation Area and Listed building
  9. What is proposed is both excessive in scale and design. The four storey townhouses and four storey apartment block are not only excessive in terms of scale their grey box modern design is at odds with the historic Victorian facades of the surrounding area.
  10. We request that a comprehensive parking strategy of Hale village be undertaken before this application proceeds any further. Such a strategy to include future growth prospects of the village
  11. This application should be withdrawn as it misleads the public by quoting 66 public car parking spaces will remain. Submitted planning documents reveal that this is not the case.

If you feel as we do, that these developments will destroy our village then please don’t hesitate.

The developer has held two consultations. On the 22nd August at their offices on the Downs and 18th September at Hale library, but who knew. Put your hands up, because we knew nothing about this!

Local councillors questioned the lack of community involvement! and the developer organised the consultation at Hale Library. The councillors told the developer that this date clashed with a business rates meeting. There are no social media or press releases regarding this consultation.

Please help by putting in your objections!



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