Altrincham CBD Company Ampura Ltd gets CTA Accreditation

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CBD Oil and Supplements company Ampura Ltd, based in Altrincham achieves the coveted Cannabis Traders Association (CTA) accreditation.

Ampura LTD CBDA lot has been spoken in the press recently about the positive effects of taking CBD or cannabis oil. There was the program on TV highlighting Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom’s 15-year-old son Max trying to get medical marijuana to treat his autism. This comes after the case of young Billy Caldwell who had his CBD oil confiscated at Heathrow after bringing it in from the US.

In the case of Billy, the home office capitulated and allowed him to have the oil, overturning a UK ban on the substance. For Steph and Dom’s son, although the oils are now legal in the UK they were still struggling to actually get hold of it because of delays with prescription and supply.

Legal CBD oil products in the UK contain only a minute percentage of THC (less than .2%) so have no psychoactive effects – i.e. they won’t get you high. Whilst Ampura’s CBD Oil goes up to 10%, medical CBD can be as high as 100% hence its use in cases of epilepsy and autism. So, what are the effects of CBD and why the sudden demand for the product?

Gareth Yardley - AmpuraGareth Yardley, Sourcing Director explains

“There are a lot of unscrupulous CBD traders out there claiming all kinds of medical benefits of taking CBD products, but all of these claims are illegal. We’ve seen adverts in local papers claiming that CBD can cure cancer but frankly no one has the medical proof to back that up.

As ethical CBD traders, Ampura Ltd cannot make medical claims. We were accepted into the CTA because we offer products that can be traced to their origin with lab test reports proving the strength of our products, confirming only allowable traces of THC, making them perfectly legal. As a condition of membership, we are not allowed to make medical claims.

The Difference between medical cannabis and CBD oil

What we can show you is anecdotal evidence from people who have used our products for depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders or just to make them more productive. CBD works with the body’s natural cannabinoid system and depending on the terpenes in the product can give either an uplifting effect without making you high, or a subtle calming effect which can promote sleep.

Our best-selling products are the sprays which can simply be squirted under your tongue and the CBD oil drops which are taken in a similar manner. We have just launched an exciting range of cordials which contain soluble CBD”

Gareth spent time abroad studying CBD and its effect on health (Gareth – photo mid-right)

It appears there are clear benefits of taking CBD in one form or another for certain people. As more research is done then hopefully we will learn more about the product’s beneficial effects. In the meantime, hats off to Ampura for their ethical ways, clearly supported by the CTA!

You can read more and purchase CBD products on the company’s website including the range of sprays, oils, capsules, e-liquid, balms and the new drinks cordial range. Prices are from £19.95.

Questions? Call 0161 956 8500

Innovation in CBD in Altrincham – hat’s off to them!



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