Bradbury Seconday Modern School – Photographs Just Before Demolition

Bradbury School - Queens Rd - Pre-demolition Photographs David Sherpherd©

Bradbury Secondary Modern or just Bradbury as it was known sat at the bottom of Queen’s Rd Hale, opposite Stamford Park Junior School.

It was built in 1910 as Altrincham Higher Elementary School, it catered for girls as well as boys with a capacity of 250 pupils. The first students came from a little known school that sat behind Oxford Rd – The Independent British School. This was near to what was known as ‘Cally’ or ‘Callie’ near the 60’s flats. There were separate entrances for boys and girls but no front door! In most classes, the two sexes were taught together but on opposite sides of the classroom.

In 1965 the new Delahays Rd School was built and all of the girls moved there, after which the school became a boys-only school.

There is a huge piece about Bradbury here which explains all about the origins of the school right up to when it was knocked down.

David Shepherd went to the school from 1973 to 1978. A keen photographer he managed to grab a few shots of the school before it was demolished. Take a look at these fascinating photographs below.

All photos David Shepherd©. Copying of these photos or distribution without consent is forbidden.


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