Milk Deliveries Soar Across Cheshire Thanks to New App


Milkmen and glass bottles have made a big comeback in Cheshire thanks to Sir David Attenborough.

A Cheshire company is utilising its online order systems to help protect the environment by delivering their product in glass bottles instead of plastic.

Glass bottles delivered by environmentally friends milk floats were almost consigned to history with the rise of convenience shopping and supermarkets. However digital shopping and Sir David Attenborough’s rousing speech on plastic waste have inspired thousands of Cheshire householders to rethink how they go about picking up their daily dairy staple.

According to a DairyDrop, an innovative internet company, the good old fashioned pinta has made a stunning comeback in Cheshire as people look to play their part in helping the environment. The company, based in Alderley Edge, which has more than 3,000 customers across Cheshire has reported a significant reversal in the glass milk bottle delivery trend.

DairyDrop was launched in May this year and connects buyers with milk delivery companies.

Similar to delivery apps like Just Eat and Deliveroo, DairyDrop helps customers find suppliers of glass-bottled milk in their local area. They are then able to place orders through its website and app.

DairyDrop - Milk

In the few months that DairyDrop has been in business, it has seen enquiries for this type of milk increase by 500%. Customers are actively looking for a milkie to connect with.

Jason Clare, Director at DiaryDrop, said:

“I put the surge down to the David Attenborough speech on single-use plastics and people swapping to glass is a small change we can all make that makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.”

Anyone who wants to buy milk in glass bottles can do so via their mobile phone. There are features such as ‘pause your order’ when you’re going away, and ‘add to your weekly order’ at the click of a button rather than the old fashioned way of leaving notes in a milk bottle!

“In general, people want to do more for the environment and are happy to pay a little extra to do so. “By doing so they are also supporting local milk suppliers and local farmers producing the milk.” added Jason.

Visit Dairy Drop: for details of how to download the app and get ordering today!



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