Aurous: New Cocktail Bar For Altrincham

Aurous - 21 Ashley Rd Altrincham

Jess Henderson been in contact to us to inform us of a new cocktail bar that is to open in Altrincham – 21 Ashley Rd where Heart and Soul used to be.

Aurous, which refers to gold is ‘owned by a local resident’ – she’s not being any more candid that that!. It’s a high end cocktail bar serving unique drinks, gourmet food that will be advertised as ‘petit plats’.

They will also be providing shisha in the newly built garden at the back. ‘Aurous will bring a relaxed and opulent environment where customers will be delivered a ‘gold standard’ service’. They will also be televising the weekly sports and big events.

They will open with a license, closing at 12:30am weekdays and 2:30am on the weekend and hope to appeal to a wide range of Hale and Altrincham residents both before and after their dinner dates and for regular social gatherings.

The new bar will open early May!




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