How To Place A Free Bet On The Grand National

The Grand National 2016

Now let’s get this straight – I am not a one to encourage anyone to bet on the horses and become addicted to gambling so please forgive me but this is an offer that I couldn’t refuse. So if you are going to do it then why not do it for free?

OK How do I do it?

Can I actually bet for free on The Grand National?

Yes!  not only can you bet for free but you can even double your stake!

The Method:

1. Go to Quidco and sign up for a free account. (JOIN FREE) top right.
2. Search Ladbrokes – click through from Quidco and sign up for an account remembering to add the promo code which today is F50.
3. Deposit £30 in to your Ladbrokes account from your debit card.
4. Place your bet, spending £30 on the Grand National.
5. Receive a free bet token of £30 to place another bet – spend within 7 days.

You will then receive £30 from Quidco for signing up to Ladbrokes so the whole think has cost you nothing.


When you sign up for Quidco and go to Ladbrokes it will take 3 days for your first purchase to be registered so don’t panic.

When you place your first bet make sure it is for a win. If you place an each way bet the win portion only will be credited to your account effectively halving your free bet.

The free bet may not show in your wallet – but when you place the bet you are shown the option of spending it.

You have 7 days to spend your free bet.

The free bet portion will not refund your original stake like a paid for bet will so any ‘winnings’ will not include the free stake.

All in all it’s pretty cool and allows you to bet for free. Just remember you might get marketing emails etc – it’s up to you what you do with the accounts after that!


Hale & Altrincham Life accepts absolutely no responsibilty whatsoever if any part of the above does not work for you. It worked for us but we had to ask the online help desk to apply the free bet as we forgot to add the F50 code! If this happens, go to my account>free bet and add the code yourself then use online help who are really helpful!

©H&A Life


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