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Bowdon Downs Congregational Church - Altrincham.

We have been spending some time at H&A developing our new photo archive which is now under the heading ‘Photographs’ in the menu above. If you have any original photos then please feel free to send them in to us. They must have been taken by you or owned by you – you cannot send us photos that have been downloaded or acquired from other sources as we will be prosecuted for copyright theft.

Please feel free to email us any photos you may have to hello@haleandaltrinchamlife.co.uk – please just be careful not to send us huge files all at once as the limit will be about 5 meg in one email. Please do respect that otherwise we will need to close that email address very quickly!

This is a cracking photo one of Altrincham’s little secrets – it reminds me of an old Victorian scene with the road looking pretty much untouched since then! Its the old Bowdon Downs Congregational Church. Looks pretty idyllic doesn’t it?

Bowdon Downs Congregational Church - Altrincham 2Apart from the iron drain cover it must look exactly as it did over 100 years ago! It’s a Grade II listed building being listed in 1974 – it was ‘built in a fine Gothic style in 1848 had a large carriage sweep before its entrance’  – read more here on The Bowdon Bowling And Lawn Tennis Club website.



  1. Im sure this is the church that was used by the Girls Grammar School for carol services and Founders Day services…the buildung next doorvthst used to be the old crypt was my form room in 1969/1970. It was called Rom 10 and the rom upstsirs was another form room…Room 9. Any old pupils remember this?

  2. Yes I remember it so well. Everything you say is correct,it is a beautiful photograph and I have wonderful memories of my old School. It was all taken for granted then, but from my perspective now! I realise what a lucky girl I was to be there.gw


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