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Audey Mattis Cinnamon Club Bowdon April 21st

The Cinnamon Club on The Firs in Bowdon has become a true go to place for lovers of great music – it also hosts weddings, parties and many other forms of live entertainment. The Club is housed in one of Bowdon’s finest buildings which used to be known as The Bowdon Assembly Rooms or more recently just ‘The Bowdon Rooms’.

It has one of the best sprung dance floors in the Northwest. I have actually been in the basement, under the floor and there are indeed huge spiral springs, much like those you used to find in old matresses – these are about 4 feet wide and set in to concrete and bricks under the floor. They are spaced at intervals so the whole wooden floor can flex slightly when there is a lot of weight on. The arrangement makes dancing much easier; less impact on the knees and hips!

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