6 Major Developments That Will Change Our Area Forever

The Timperley Wedge
The Timperley Wedge

During the recent backlash against the proposed construction of the Islamic community centre on greenbelt land near Timperley a couple of issues became apparently clear to us:-

1. There are lot of people claiming to be campaigning to save the greenbelt but are harbouring ulterior motives.

2. The general public and population of Hale, Altrincham, Hale Barns, Timperley & Bowdon are generally pretty much unaware of a lot of the proposed developments that will be happening in our area over the next few years.

So for the first time, H&A Life have listed the 6 Major Developments that are happening now and potentially in the near future that will change the area we live in forever. Click the links, read up, do your research and make sure that you are aware of any plans that will affect you and your family.

Having lived and worked in Hale, Altrincham & Bowdon for my entire life I have become accustomed to how our area looks and functions. There have been various developments over the years that have changed the landscape but these have tended to be small isolated developments and have integrated gradually with our towns and villages over time.

However, what is happening now and what is proposed for the coming years is on another level. These are large scale developments that will change the landscape both physically and economically for future generations. We are set for thousands of new homes, offices, warehouses, leisure and retail facilities.

On the plus side this is sure to create thousands of jobs and bring in a lot of business to the area but what are the downsides? Well, a lot of the open countryside and greenbelt land will be going. There will obviously be a visual impact and in the case of HS2 certainly a noise impact. What about the loss of nature and wild life? The loss of people’s homes?

All these new houses and business will bring added cars and lorries to our roads, can our current infrastructure cope? All these new people will require the services of the council, the police, fire brigade, ambulance the NHS, the children will need schools and the residents and workers need to shop, places to relax and places to worship in?

1. HS2

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a planned high-speed railway in the United Kingdom linking London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester.[2][3] It would be the second high-speed rail line in Britain, after High Speed 1 (HS1) which connects London to the Channel Tunnel.

This interactive map shows the proposed route.


Hale and Altrincham HS2

2. The Cheshire Gateway

The Cheshire Gateway is a planned Logistics, Science, Technology and Manufacturing Park that could create over 2,500 new jobs plus investment opportunities. This is an exceptional and deliverable site within Cheshire East borough and on the edge of Greater Manchester that has the potential to accelerate this region in the Northern Powerhouse.

Cheshire Gateway is made up of an eastern parcel and western parcel of land.  These are separated by the new A556 dual carriageway connecting the M56 and the M6. So coming off the on to the A556 from the M56 the greenbelt on the left for about 1 mile will become the ‘Cheshire gateway’ – This is all farmland at the moment but will be come an enormous Science Park!

The Cheshire Gateway
The Cheshire Gateway


3. The Timperley Wedge & Davenport Green

The plan allocates a large slice of land south of Ridgeway Road in Timperley and stretching round and down to Davenport Green as suitable for 3,300 mostly luxury homes and 50,000 sqm of office space. This makes the Greenbelt for the Mosque pale in to insignificance with the hospital expansion in to Medicity with research centres. A large online retailer is purported to be buying up many of the large houses in and around the area.

The Timperley Wedge
The Timperley Wedge


Further information can be found at:-



4. Altair

Altrincham’s dynamic new £70 million residential and leisure quarter on teh south side of the the town centre. construction on the 4.5 acre mixed-use scheme will start imminently, with completion of the first phase anticipated in December 2017.

Altair Altrincham
Altair Development Altrincham


5. A556 Bypass

A £190 million A556 Knutsford to Bowdon Improvement. Improving the A556 trunk road between Knutsford and Bowdon by creating a modern dual carriageway road. The existing A556 will become a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.


6. Airport City

Airport City Manchester is one of the most connected, intelligent and enterprising business destinations in development today. The site will be 5million sq ft. of offices, hotels, advanced manufacturing, logistics facilities, hybrid and ancillary retail space.

Airport City
Airport City


We’d love to hear your thoughts on these developments? Did you know about them? Will you be affected by them? Do you approve of them? Or, are you completely against them?

Finally back to the Mosque proposal on Thorley Lane – Local resident

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  1. I went to the open evening in 17th November. It was interesting however I could not get a sensible answer to my concerns over traffic volume and how the Council proposed to deal with the problem. For instance additional housing is earmarked for Ridgeway Road in Timperley but in places the road is only just I’ve 5 mts wide but the minimum required road width is 7.5 mts. This and other roads in Timperley, Altrincham and Hale are already massively congested so additional housing on the massive scale proposed will create more pollution and more traffic chaos. So much for progress!

  2. I do not live in the area it is interesting that HA LIFE make two references to the mosque development which will only benefit a small portion of residents and you hope to scare people about developments that are about economic progress that depending on people’s opinion will benefit the country and all of society-I think the young people that need work and housing might be excited.l am sure when Ringway Airport was first developed there was an outcry,the benefits to the north west must be immeasuarable

  3. This area is overcrowded already. The roads are jammed in rush hour so building more houses is stupid. Roads packed, hospital packed, schools packed, doctors waiting rooms packed. Has no one any sense?
    Why should we have a mosque. If people come to this country then expect to live in a Christian community.
    Enough is enough.
    Brexit made it clear that people have had enough


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