Altrincham Forgotten Shop Fascias – The Friday Conundrum

Dairy Snacks - The Downs Altrincham

It’s only when renovations start happening that you get a glimpse of the old Altrincham. It happened a while back on the corner of entry to Goose Green at the side of the new hospital. When the fascia of the old Barclay’s bank was taken away to reveal the old one: Martin’s Bank – see below.

Barclays Bank - (Previously Martin's Bank) Railway St Altrincham
The old Raimondo’s restaurant at the bottom of the Downs has been various things over the years, including most recently Fraggers. When the fascia was taken away it revealed something quite unusual, a very old sign saying ‘Dairy Snacks’ picked out of a faded, dirty  reddy/pink background. This picture was taken yesterday:

Dairy Snacks - The Downs Altrincham

Now I have lived in Altrincham a very long time but I don’t remember what this shop was. Even going back as far as the sixties with Tyrrell’s Fish Shop, Ken Hulme’s butchers and the like, the shop, as far back as I can remember didn’t sell Dairy Snacks, whatever they were – ice creams?, a coffee bar from the 50s. I’m sure someone will know. If you have any other examples please let us know in the comments below or of course on Facebook or Twitter!

Let’s just call this our Friday Conundrum!

H&A 2016


  1. When I was 20 ish we used to go to the Downs chippy think it was called the Don could be wrong but remember they served great fish and chips


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