Suspicious Activity Around The Football Ground

Moss Lane Altrincham

We have been notified by one of our readers of suspicious activity around the football ground late at night. There have been a spate of burglaries in the area as reported by Altrincham Today just before Christmas.

The report states that a man was seen acting suspiciously around Moss Lane and Altrincham FC last night (29th December), at 1.30am. He was wearing a T Shirt and was driving a light coloured pick up truck. He was staring down a drive in the area and after being seen, sped off. He is described as white, stocky and in his 30s. Part of the number plate reads SJ15. The same man had been spotted on December 20th in the same area, also acting suspiciously.

The police have been informed but please, if you spot anything suspicious call 101 and report it. The sooner they catch whoever is responsible the better. Mobiles at the ready – if someone could get a photo of him then that would make everyone’s day, but please keep safe!

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  1. An email from From: Sean

    Subject: Suspicious activity around the football ground

    Hi I would just like to reassure your readers that the person in the white flat bed with the number plate sj15 it’s actually sj16 and it’s one of my guys who is delivering milk he is always around that area moss lane twice a week at that time. I hope that clears some things up thank you 🙂


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