Getting Noticed on Facebook

Getting Noticed on Facebook

We receive a lot of messages and emails asking if a person, company or organisation can post on our Facebook page. Also if we can cover a certain business opening or event. So let’s cover the first point: Getting noticed on Facebook via H&A.

1. We are more than happy for anyone to post on our Facebook page as long as it’s not posted more than once and is relevant. I.E. post something on fishing down the Bollin – OK. Post something on fishing on the Severn – no. Irrelevant and spammy posts will be deleted.

2. Make your posts interesting and informative. The reason for this post is because I saw an advert for a Bingo session with the most eye catching poster I had ever seen. The pub is the Lass O’ Gowrie in the centre of Manchester. If you can get over the mild misogyny then I think you will agree that it caught your attention! So if you are going to post an advert or event on our page – make it as wow as this! We think it’s the best advert we have ever seen! I would go if I lived near!

Getting Featured

Remember we share posts on our page at our discretion so please – don’t just post a link to your Facebook page or your website because that is just lazy, it shows lack of imagination and quite frankly it’s just taking up real estate that someone else could use!

3. If the post is good enough whether it’s a business post, charity or event then we may share it. It’s up to you to make the post as fun, informative and interesting as possible. A photo of a dead cat no matter how heart breaking will not be shared. Call us heartless but it’s just the way it is – use your own timeline for that.

4. Include an offer! – If you are a business then think why is someone going to visit you? What is the point in saying ‘We walk dogs in Hale’ with a photo of a dog? How about ‘We walk dogs in Hale – 25% off for the first 10 people to respond to this ad’ with a call to action – it’s fresh and compelling and it gives people a sense of urgency. State the price on the ad obviously.

6. If you are going to message us then please have a purpose! Don’t just email a link and expect us to jump, because we won’t! Likewise why just message us with a Facebook page link. It’s lazy and uninteresting.

Getting Featured

There is more information on our page Getting Featured

If you are a business and you want to guarantee to be featured then why not advertise with us. We can come down to your premises, conduct an interview and wrap it up in to a well written feature with images that will get noticed.

Advertise With Us

Take a look at our piece on the Old Market Tavern that we did for Pete Carroll if you need convincing – this piece had over 6000 views. That is why people advertise with us – people reading the piece are likely to visit your business!

View our prices on advertising with us: Advertise With Us

Old Market Tavern - New Proprietor Pete Carroll
Old Market Tavern – New Proprietor Pete Carroll

Finally we will continue to bring you interesting and relevant news stories from around the borough. You may not like all of them but we do it because we are local and we love Altrincham – we know you do to. Now where’s that #supercarsunday post I was lining up!

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