Riddles Emporium Opens First Shop in Altrincham

Riddles New Spirit Shop

Riddles Emporium Opens First Shop in Altrincham

A new specialist spirit shop, brought by the owners of Riddles cocktail bar on Greenwood Street and spirit specialist Dave Marsland, owner of Drinks Enthusiast, is set to open its doors on 1st April 2017.

Riddles Emporium, whose tagline is ‘Liquor and Sundries’, will sell a wide range of spirits, high-end products, cocktail equipment, books, bitters, homemade tinctures and syrups, pretty much everything you may need to make fine quality drinks at home. The Altrincham shop will be the first of its kind and will also host regular small tasting events on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as the occasional classic cocktail masterclasses.

Riddles New Spirit Shop Altrincham

Located at the former Ivy House site on Regent Road, Riddles Emporium hopes to contribute towards the regeneration of the Altrincham Market area, and offer a unique retail experience for Altrincham residents. The shop will have a definite synergy with Riddles bar, adopting a similar vintage look and feel with a focus on classic cocktails and timeless flavor profiles. The new shop will house a wealth of bottles that are not widely available in your larger stores, perfect for special gifts, investment or simply to vastly improve your own home bar.

“The most important thing for us is to share our passion for quality drinks, to enthuse others to be more adventurous with their choices and to introduce or take them further into the wonderful world of spirits and cocktails” says Dave Marsland (28)

“We are so excited about not only giving people the absolute best drinks in our bar but extending that into their homes too – and we know the people of Altrincham will love this, this town is definitely a knowledgeable and passionate place when it comes to fine drinking” adds Del Lowe (33)

To accompany the launch of the shop, Riddles bar is releasing a series of cocktail instruction videos entitled ‘Making Drinks At Home’. Emma Rostaing (34) explains

“The intention behind these short videos is to inspire people to be more adventurous with drinks at their own social gatherings and to bring what we know into peoples homes. Obviously we love making drinks in the bar and nothing can beat the atmosphere of going out for a drink but those nights when you can’t get out or just need some peace and quiet, Riddles Emporium and these videos will give you the tools to create the perfect serve yourself”

The shop will open to the public on Saturday 1st April and will be offering a series of five exclusive tasting events, free of charge. There will be a variety of different tastings covering the world of gin, rum, tequila, whisky and vodka. Only ten free tickets are available for each time slot so be sure to book your ticket as soon as possible. Tickets for these small tasting events can be obtained from Eventbrite, via a link on the Riddles Bar website, www.riddlesbar.com

The website for the emporium will launch in the next two weeks www.riddlesemporium.com and products will be available to buy online.

For anyone passionate about fine drinking and drinks preparation this will be a fine addition to Altrincham’s growing independent retail offering.


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