Timperley’s Neil Taylor In Football Tackle Mix Up

Timperley's Neil Taylor
Timperley's Neil Taylor!

Timperley resident, ex Liberal Councillor for Timperley and long time friend of H&A, Neil Taylor got the shock of his life yesterday when his Twitter feed started filling up with abuse and troll like behaviour.

Neil had little idea of what was happening until he looked in to the nature of the abuse.

Neil Taylor (@neil_taylor_) tweeted: “Blimey the perils of having the same name as a football player,” after he found dozens of tweets from irate Irish fans on his Twitter page.

Neil Taylor (From Timperley!)
Neil Taylor (From Timperley!)

During the day’s World Cup qualifier between Wales and Republic of Ireland, Welsh international Neil Taylor performed a horrific tackle on Seamus Coleman, breaking his leg. Football fans immediately took to Twitter to rail at the football star, who actually does not have a Twitter account.

Poor Neil was having a curry and a beer when the tweets started! 

Unsuspecting Neil Taylor from Timperley became the butt of the fans’ anger with tweet after tweet accusing him of all sorts, calling him names and threatening retribution!

Poor Neil was having curry and a beer to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary when the tweets came through! Neil tweeted that he didn’t even like football but the tweets still rolled in!

Neil Taylor Mix Up

Neil has been relishing in the funny side of it since yesterday and even posted up a montage image of his face on the body of Neil Taylor (the footballer) see above! He even retweeted some of the abuse!

Neil-Taylor-tweetNeil-Taylor-tweet-curry-beerNeil Taylor - love this oneNeil Taylor was the man behind the Frank Sidebottom statue in Timperley, raising over £25,000 for its installation. A popular local figure he is currently fronting the Altrincham Festival. We have also heard on the grapevine that he may be taking up residence with a local BBC radio station. You heard it here folks!

Follow Neil Taylor on Twitter Here: @neil_taylor_ and on Facebook

More on the story!

The news has hit Wales online  http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/football-fans-bombard-wrong-neil-12796770

The Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4348876/Neil-Taylor-sparks-angry-Twitter-response-wrong-man.html



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