Gardening Supplement – Transform Your Garden In To A Chelsea Contender … And Save The Bees While You’re At It!

Chelsea Contender

Transform Your Garden In To A Chelsea Contender
… And Save The Bees While You’re At It!

The Chelsea Flower Show is almost upon us, the most exciting week in the garden lover’s calendar!!  If you’re not an avid watcher then give it a go – there’s so much inspiration to be had for your own garden.  I foolishly booked a holiday during Chelsea week so cant attend this year, but will be recording everything from the BBC so I can binge watch on my return…

Spring is a great time to rejuvenate your open-air living space.  Without having to spend a huge amount you can transform an untidy worn out garden in to one you can’t wait to spend time in (once the rain stops!!)

Spend a few hours one weekend doing these quick fixes and you will not regret it the next time the sun shines…

  • Show your lawn some love – feed with a high nitrogen fertiliser. Lawns need extra nutrients to encourage growth at this time of year. Now is also a good time to re seed any bare patches and get rid of the weeds.
  • Fill any gaps in your beds with plants for pollinators – such as bees, butterflies, beetles, birds and bats. Add some spring flowering plants loved by these guys to brighten up your garden – Geums, Geraniums, Hebes, Aquilegia and Erysimums are all perfect choices!  Also add some plants for summer colour/interest such as Lavender, Achillea, Buddleja, Sedum, Penstemon – the list goes on –garden centre signs should point out which plants are good for pollinators, or check out the RHS’ perfect for pollinators list here:

Bee on a thistle


  • If you have limited planting space in your garden then add a few pots filled with these plants. Grow a climber up a wall or fence, and plant up some window boxes. Transform your space with colour!!!
  • Clean your patio – this can make a huge difference to how your garden looks. Over time paving becomes covered in grime and algae – and no matter how ‘maintenance free’ your choice of paving was, they all need some upkeep.  Scrub with a hard brush and diluted bleach or jet wash to kill off the algae and get rid of the grime. Use a patio cleaner but make sure it’s the right stuff for your paving – if unsure check on an out of sight slab. Treat patio weeds with a weed killer, and repoint in between the paving if necessary.  Use a weed repellent on newly cleaned paving.
  • While you’ve got the jet wash out also give fencing and rendered or brick walls a clean. Recoat any painted surfaces with suitable outdoor paint for a clean fresh look.
  • A much needed trip to the tip can make a huge difference – get rid of all the junk that has found its way in to your garden – old toys, broken furniture, bags of stuff that should have been banished months ago but somehow ended up here!
  • New furniture – if your budget allows treat yourself and your garden to some new furniture – a set of outdoor sofas and a coffee table, a dining table and chairs or a couple of new sun loungers will make the space so much more inviting.

Once the hard work is done, and the sun comes out, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy your beautiful new(ish) garden!

Posted by Frances Kandel©, at Plantlife Garden Design, who can be found on facebook and at Frances’s author profile is here


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